Public Safety Bicycle Instructor Training Course

Although Public Safety Cycling is a public relations tool, police, EMS and security personnel can face a variety of critical situations. They must be prepared both physically and mentally at all times. Cycling skills must become second nature so that saving lives and officer safety can remain the cyclist's primary focus. Therefore, having been properly trained by professionals is essential at every level.

Every agency has its own policies, procedures specific to their delivery of services initiatives. In addition to cost savings having one's own qualified in-house instructor makes perfect sense. Each segment of instruction has adaptability which can meet the needs of each facet of public safety including; basic and advanced technical riding skill development, EMS equipment issues and solutions, realistic scenario development, and firearms and tactics for police and armed security, to name a few.

Participants will learn how to apply the fundamentals of riding for the purpose of training and educating members of their organizations. They will learn strategies of improving community awareness and relations through safety programming and share the rewarding experience and versatility of performing job tasks via the public safety bicycle.

The purpose of this course is to qualify police, fire, EMS and private security and military participants to:

  • Conduct safe and credible in-service basic and refresher bike training to include specific patrol and response duties
  • Prepare and deliver bicycle-related educational courses relative to the community and their agency
  • Enhance the delivery of their organization's service to their client and their community via the bicycle
  • Evaluate and maintain their agency's bicycle equipment
  • Evaluate and consult on policies and current operations for their organization

NOTE: This 5-day course is academically and physically challenging.

Participants will be required to:

  • Successfully pass both on-bicycle skill and written tests
  • Explain, demonstrate, and evaluate on-bike technical skill sets
  • Diagnose and correct rider error; improve rider performance
  • Perform advanced bicycle maintenance
  • Construct and deliver instructional blocks in both the skill and knowledge domains relative to public safety and community cycling

***All students must provide current proof of completed accredited First Aid/CPR training, as well as proof of prior bicycle training (minimum 32 hour police cyclist course, 24 hour security or EMS cyclist course)

Materials Provided:

  • IPMBA's Complete Guide to Public Safety Cycling 2nd ed text
  • LouKa Tactical Training Public Safety Bicycle Instructor Training Course Manual
  • LouKa Tactical Training Public Safety Bicycle Instructor Training Course memory stick
  • "Enjoy the Ride!" DVD (LAB)
  • Water bottle
  • Hi Vis Instructor t-shirt


  • Mountain bike of high quality with pedal retention, helmet, protective eyewear, cycling gloves, cycling shorts, hydration source, snacks
  • Basic cycling tools and personal 1st aid kit
  • Laptop computer will be helpful but not required
  • Full duty gear, 200 rounds of ammunition, body armor, wrap around eye protection.

FEE: $950.00 per student– MCOLES approved, 302 funded
Par-Q+ - Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
MedX - Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Class size is limited to 30 participants. Slots will not be reserved without payment or purchase order number. PAR-Q is required with returned completed registration packet. Any applicant having health issues will be required to obtain medical clearance and provide a completed PARMed-X in order to participate. 30-day cancellation notification is mandatory.

E-mail requests for registration packets. Return packet, along with a credit card payment, check, purchase order or money order made payable to:
LouKa Tactical Training
Call: 734-260-2981 with questions

Please see the Course Schedule for dates when this course is offered.

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